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Vicidial DB Crash Recovery

Vicidial DB Crash recovery is done by following.

  • Auto Repair,
  • Check
  • Optimize the table.


It can be achieved by Following Command:


mysqlcheck -u root -p --auto-repair --check --optimize --all-databases

If you know the root user password for DB, you can use the above command.

Else, Use following command to repair the table

mysqlcheck -u cron -p1234 --auto-repair --check --optimize --all-databases


(CENTOS -7 - Maria DB)

Mysql Command to Check the crashed database.
mysqlcheck –ucron –p1234 --check --all-databases

Mysql Command to repair the crashed database.
mysqlcheck –ucron –p1234 --auto-repair --all-databases

Mysql Command to Optimize the database.
mysqlcheck –ucron –p1234 --optimize --all-databases


If Tables are corrupted, Login to MySQL and enter following queries with table name.


repair table "TABLENAME" use_frm;

Reasons for DB Crash:


Root Cause & Precautions

Root Cause 1: Server Power OFF

The sudden server power off due to Electricity Power cut, will leads to vicidial database crash.


Run the server with proper Powerbackup like UPS and generator.

Root Cause 2:  Improper shutdown.

Improper shutdown like Pressing the Server Power button, or shutting down the server by running linux commands halt,poweroff, init 0, init 6, while the server is serving huge traffic, will leads to database crash.

Precautions :

Before shutting down or restarting the server make sure you have logged out all the agents, and stopped the dialing,

Also stop uploading leads/data, and stop downloading reports from vicidial.

Best practice run shutdown -h now to shutdown as safe mode

or shutdown -r now for safe reboot.

Root Cause 3:  Sever overload

Server overload like ,dialing more calls and logging in more agents, more than the capacity of the server will lead to the database crash.


Login agents and dial according to your server capacity, use the HTOP command to monitor your server load like CPU,memory load average, accordingly increase or decrease the agent, dialing ratio

Next set a max trunk limit, so to avoid overload because of too much of calls.

Use best in class servers

Avoid Virtualized deployment

For big call centers like 100 Plus agents use Vicidial Cluster setup.

Root Cause 3:  insufficient Disk Space

Due to insufficient disk space,ie Disk full,  vicidial will force for database query which leads to data loss and database crash.


1. Keep enough space in main partition

2. use df -h linux command to check the disk utilization

3. run scheduled cron jobs to delete old call recordings,which is not useful.

4. Archive the Recordings to a dedicated FTP server.

5. weekly delete the system logs form /var/log

6. monthly once fine tune the mysql database ,by deleting old call logs, unused objects like list, campaigns, users.


 If you need more support on DB Crash and Vicidial other issues, please contact us.